New Monsters, New Rules

Originally appeared in RESIST! Issue #1, a special issue of Smoke Signals planned as a reaction to the 2016 US presidential election, published by Gabe Fowler of Desert Island Comics, and guest-edited by Francoise Mouly & Nadja Spiegelman.

Craft Your Protest

Originally appeared in "Draw the Line," an online anthology of comics illustrating positive political actions that anyone can take. My contribution illustrates the practice of "Craftivism," using one's crafting abilities to make political statements and effect change. There is currently a crowdfund campaign gathering funds to turn the anthology into a book! You can pre-order a copy here:


One Color Of Light

Originally appeared in FLASHED: Sudden Stories in Comics & Prose, edited by Josh Neufeld & Sari Wilson. This anthology was fun to work on. Each contributor got to use another contributor's work as a jumping-off point. Mine was a story by Sheila Heti that involved a woman living in a shoe, the inside of which she described as having only one color of light. I loved that phrase and used it as inspiration for my story, which is a metaphorical illustration of the difficulties I had been having after deciding to stop taking SSRI anti-depressants. They had made me feel as if I was sleep-walking through life, and going off of them was a jarring but ultimately positive re-awakening.