Symmetry is overrated: June 2018

Lesson well-learned: Nothing / no one is perfect, including brain surgeons. My second craniotomy resulted in damage to a branch of my facial nerve--the one that controls the movement of my right eyebrow So, I currently can't raise it, no matter how hard I try. When I try to raise them both, the left one goes up, the right stays down and my face looks quizzical, maybe a bit judgy. It's an odd feeling to raise "both" eyebrows while looking in the mirror, and see my body disobeying my mind. I'm aware that so many craniotomy patients have co many worse post-surgical challenges, so I consider myself lucky. But it also bums me out. So...I'm trying to put it in perspective, be grateful I'm alive, capable of walking and talking and thinking. And reminding myself that symmetry isn't everything. Learning to accept non-perfection is one of the gifts of "The Present."