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Amongst the Liberal Elite

Featuring writing by Elly Lonon and art designed by Joan Reilly, Amongst the Liberal Elite: The Road Trip Exploring Societal Inequities Solidified by Trump (RESIST) will be available at a bookseller near you in November 2018.

Amongst the Liberal Elite takes readers on a cross-country road trip with Alex and Michael, romantic partners whose voices will resonate with fans of shows such as PortlandiaParks and RecreationFull Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

See below for an inside look and to find out more about the book, check out the Amongst The Liberal Elite Website or head right to Amazon to pre-order!

Origin Story

Elly Lonon, author of the popular McSweeney's column, "Amongst the Liberal Elite," approached me last year about helping her to adapt the column into a graphic novel, and illustrating it. I thought her writing was great, and enthusiastically accepted. She then wrote a script for the book so quickly that my head was spinning. I created character designs, then illustrated the first chapter, and she started shopping it around to agents. To our great delight, Thompson Literary Agency agreed to represent the book, and arranged a deal with Powerhouse Books.

A little wrinkle that happened in between signing with the agency and signing with the publisher was that I had a seizure, and was subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer, so we had to formulate a new plan for getting the book done. The plan that emerged was to hire a drawing staff to complete the book in the style I had established--sort of an animation model of content creation. The art for the book is now DONE, and it's at the printing stage. HOORAY! The release date is aimed to be prior to the midterm elections, as it's a political satire. You can read more about the book, its creators and amazing art staff on the Amongst The Liberal Elite website.

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